The Udaipur Airport is also known as Maharana Pratap airport or Dabok airport and is a domestic airport located at a distance of 22 km east of Udaipur. The airport is named after the prince of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, who was known for his strength and valor.

Udaipur Airport is spread over 504 acres and has one asphalt runway, oriented 08/26, 9000 feet/ 2743 metres long and 45 metres wide. Its new terminal building, measuring 12175 sq. metres, was constructed at a cost of ₹ 800 million. The terminal has two boarding gates, 4 Check-in counters and can also handle 600 passengers during peak hours. The airport is equipped with modern navigational and landing aids system like DME/VOR and NDB. Its runway 26 is equipped with a CAT-I Instrument Landing System. According to the Udaipur blog itself, this extravagant and exotic feel kike city also known as the Venice of east have been witnessing tons of tourists every year. This city is so picturesque that you’ll run out of your phones battery but will never stop clicking pictures. Because of its magical vibe this city has been attracting people not just from India but from other countries as well. Although there are thousands of reasons why people are crazy to visit this city but here are some of the reasons I’d like to mention specifically:

1. City of lake could be called as the synonym of this city. The magnificent lakes are the soul behind the beauty of Udaipur. Some of these lakes are often crowded as people of all ages, visits them and these lakes have become the prime reason to visit this beautiful city. Some must visit lakes such as Fatehsagar lake, Lake Pichola, Badi lake, and Udai Sagar lake. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful views there.

2. Larger than life, Hotels: Well, Udaipur has some gigantic hotels, larger than size of your imagination. These hotels speak of past and class part architecture. It is the perfect paradise, if one wants to see heaven from the earth.

3. The world famous temples: People might not be aware of it but Udaipur has a great fan following because of the temples here. It’s not just about worship but it’s also about the architecture and history, as each temple has a different story to tell. Some temples like Neemach Mata and Karni Mata gives an eye capturing view to the city, and some might get chills while visiting them. Also because of such temples one can go through some of the greatest rulers like Mewar.

4. Greatest forts and palaces: Get soaked into the deepest royal ambience with the journey towards the land of forts and palaces. I must tell they all are extravagant. Udaipur is a definite visit for the ones that are interested in history, as the travelers can get to see forts, know about rulers, their living style with the beauty of Mewar and what not.

5. Perfect destination for shoppers: if you are in Udaipur than some serious shopping has to be done. The local markets are the highlights of the local ethnic culture and tradition. There is everything that can keep your interest forever but few of the best things include handicrafts, sculptures and local attires. They are avant-garde.


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